Healing water
from Komárno

The outdoor part of bathing-resort awaits its guests with 7 various pools.

The positive effects of Komárno thermal water are long years known, this fact had been also proved by last measurements. A specialist from the spa Piešťany has carried a balneology study out about the composition of Komárno water in summer 2019.
The tested water spouting out of the test hole, used for indoor and some outdoor pools of the resort, has outstanding healing effects, according to its composition it is similar to the water of the Spa Bardejov.
The subject of the tests was the test hole M-2 where the 45,2 degree water comes up from a depth of 1060 metres.

The Komárno Spa has a natural thermal water rich in calcium, bicarbonate, natrium, higher content of chlorine, a significant amount of bromic and silicic-acid.
Thanks to its mineral content the water has good effects on the threatment of motion diseases, like osteoporosis, chronic chondritis and arthritis, and reduction of joint gout symptoms.

Using of this water and with its positive effects can be more effectively threatened also the digestive system deseases, specifically conected to illnesses of stomach, gall, liver, pancreas and the intestinal system. The natural thermal water is recommended to use also by motional or neurotic complaints. Excellent results had been achieved also in the threatment of urinary tract, kidney and various female diseases. Thanks to its high content of trace elements and silica the water can be suitable also for aftercare connected with traumatological operation or rehabilitation after other medical interventions.


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The outdoor part of the spa resort awaits its guests with 7 various pools.